Effective January 31, 2020, we will be discontinuing 10-10-940 Speak Telecom. To continue making affordable 10-10 Long Distance calls beyond this date, please dial 10-10-YAK. That’s 10-10-925. For information on 10-10-Yak Long Distance rates, please visit yak.ca.

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June 14, 2024
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About Speak Telecom

Speak Telecom Inc. is a leading provider of global communications services to residential and business customers throughout Canada. Founded in 2004, Speak Telecom began by offering high-quality, discount long distance services to customers, initially in Ontario, through its Speak10-10-940 dial around service. Since then, Speak has expanded its service offering, continually adding new products and rapidly building its geographical reach, accommodating an increasingly dynamic client�le.

Speak Telecom is committed to bringing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to its customers. Our clients business is paramount, and Speak Telecom endeavors to provide the highest quality solution at the lowest price. The physical infrastructure of Speak Telecom allows and maintains competitive pricing, as we are not simply reselling another service. Our core switching facility is located in Canada's premier carrier hotel at 151 Front Street West, Toronto, allowing Speak Telecom to directly and securely interconnect with top carriers and suppliers on a global scale.

Speak Telecom is 100% Canadian owned and operated with all regulatory certifications and licenses required by the CRTC.

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