Effective January 31, 2020, we will be discontinuing 10-10-940 Speak Telecom. To continue making affordable 10-10 Long Distance calls beyond this date, please dial 10-10-YAK. That’s 10-10-925. For information on 10-10-Yak Long Distance rates, please visit yak.ca.

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May 24, 2024
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Speak Toll Free

Speak Toll Free service provides toll free voice, fax or modem calls to your business from anywhere in Canada or the USA. The Toll Free number can be connected to any ten digit local phone number in Canada allowing toll free calls to complete on an existing phone line.

Basic Toll Free Features

  • Canada and USA accessible
  • No call setup fees
  • Low rates per minute
  • Volume discounts available
  • Ability to keep current Toll Free number

Enhanced Toll Free Features



Area Code Routing

Routes calls to a designated answering location based on the area code of the caller.

This feature also routes by zones. In the case of an area code overlay, area codes within that zone would also be routed.

Call Allocator

Enables a Toll-free customer to have calls to a toll-free number apportioned and directed on a random basis to two or more answering locations according to the customer's pre-specified percentage distributions.

Call Prompter

Routing feature that uses a Speak Telecom network-based IP (Intelligent Peripheral) system to direct callers using a series of pre-recorded prompts to the person, department or information they want.

There are no restrictions in routing Call Prompter. The CP feature can now be anywhere in a call flow which means that any features can come before it and any features can come after it.

Caller Identifier

Enables the Speak Telecom Toll-free subscriber to receive the toll-free caller's originating/billing telephone number.

Dialed Number Identifier

Enables a toll-free customer with multiple toll-free numbers terminating on the same conversion number to identify the specific toll-free number dialed by the caller.

Emergency Route

Provides a customer with the ability to store, within the network, alternate routing plans, for implementation during emergencies or planned situations. The Subscriber will be able to activate ER by calling Speak Telecom.

Enroute Announcement

Allows the customer to insert a message or announcement (up to 4 minutes in duration), which plays at the beginning of each call prior to routing the call to a terminating number.

Exchange Route

Routes calls to a designated answering location based on the Canadian exchange (NPA-NXX) of the caller. Not available for calls originating in the US . In the case of an area code overlay, area codes within that zone would also be routed.

Scheduled �Based Routing

Allows the customer to vary the routing of their toll-free calls on a pre-planned basis according to the time of day, day of the week and/or holiday (statutory and customer-defined).

US Coverage

Calls can be originated all or partial in US locations

Overflow Routing

Allows calls to be routed to alternate answering locations when busy or no answer conditions are met. Calls can overflow to different locations for each condition and for each overflow.

Database Routing

Routes calls based on Caller Entered Digits (CED�s) that are up to 24 digits long. Typically, it would be used in conjunction with an Announcement advising the callers to enter the CED�s. If no digits or incorrect digits are entered, the calls would route to a designated terminating number or feature.

Call Response

Routes calls to a recorded announcement. After the announcement the call ends.


  • No extra equipment or phone lines needed.
  • Allow employees to call the office using the Toll Free service instead of expensing long distance calls.
  • Better tracking of your marketing efforts through multiple toll free numbers to track response rates.
  • Enhanced Features provide an array of tools that allows users to save money and more efficiently and effectively handle their customers Toll Free calls.

Availability & Pricing

Canada 3.5 cents/min. US 4.5 cents/min

  • Toll Free subscription subject to $50.00 monthly minimum bill.
  • Enhanced features $25.00 / month to enable all features.
  • Call Prompter, Enroute Annoucnement, Database Routing & Call Response subject to $0.15 per call.
  • Vanity Numbers $75.00.

Speak Toll Free service is available to subscribers throughout Canada.

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