Effective January 31, 2020, we will be discontinuing 10-10-940 Speak Telecom. To continue making affordable 10-10 Long Distance calls beyond this date, please dial 10-10-YAK. That’s 10-10-925. For information on 10-10-Yak Long Distance rates, please visit yak.ca.

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June 14, 2024
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Speak Business Long Distance

Speak Business Long Distance is designed for businesses that rely on their long distance to conduct business. The service provides the highest quality calls and greatest savings on all your long distance calling helping you maximize their bottom line.

Canada 3.5 cents/min. US 4.5 cents/min

Great International Rates

Countries list is not available


  • Detailed billing summary
  • No monthly fees
  • No network access fees
  • No call setup charges
  • No extra numbers to dial
  • Traffic analysis
  • Dedicated T-1 & DS-3 interconnection available
  • Account codes


  • Detailed billing summary and traffic analysis allow businesses to examine there long distance expenses, usage, and performance
  • Can be used for voice, fax and modem calls
  • Seamless migration to Speak Business Long Distance
  • Easy to understand per minute rates
  • Billed directly by Speak Telecom each month


  • Available throughout Canada

Speak Business Long Distance plan has $15.00 minimum monthly bill.

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